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Fulham is a desirable and beautifully vibrant place blessed with wonderful properties boasting gorgeous interiors. Fully Carpet Clean has been providing expert rug cleaning Fulham for many years and we provide all the expertise needed to keep your expensive carpet, designer rugs looking as good as the day you first purchased them.

Our dedicated team is polite and professional, producing first-class results with the minimum fuss or disruption to your everyday life. Our sophisticated carpet cleaning technology will make light work of impossible stains and revitalize colors and fabrics.

Rug Cleaning Fulham

Our deep clean technology is the ultimate professional rug stain removal
Our experts use advanced deep clean technology to remove the stubborn stains by penetrating deep into the carpet fibres, hence, transforming your rug to look immaculate.

It will pull up every dust and dirt delivering an amazing result, which means your expensive rug will be rejuvenated and brought back to its absolute best. Everything is done at your convenience, with minimum disruption to your everyday schedule.

For the best rug cleaning SW6, look no further than Fully Carpet Clean. We are renowned for our cleaner and healthier rug cleaning process and for delivering amazing results. Keep your rug looking cleaner for longer with the best rug cleaning company in Hammersmith W6. Our professional, highly trained team will ensure that you get the best service at the lowest cost.

We aim to provide the best rug cleaning service Fulham of the highest quality. We will

  • Keep your rug looking cleaner for longer
  • Be pet and baby safe with our natural pH formula
  • Kill all the dirt hidden deep down in your rug
  • Clean your carpet deeply and thoroughly than you can
  • Ensure you are 100% happy

How Rug Cleaning Hammersmith W6 Works?
To guarantee the best result for our customers and elevate the overall look of the indoor space, our rug cleaning experts perform a ‘5 step’ cleaning process.

Step 1: Carpet Inspection
When our certified and professionally trained technicians arrive at your place, they will first inspect your carpets to choose the best cleaning method and solutions for you.

Step 2: Choosing the Best Cleaning Solution
A stained and dirty carpet needs not only to be cleaned with a suitable tool but also with the appropriate solution and method. There are many carpet, upholstery cleaning products on the market that would swear by their sanitation capabilities, but choosing the right cleaning method is strictly based on the carpet material and the environment it will be treated in. All our cleaning products are eco-friendly, pet, and child safe.

Step 3: Vacuum
Cleaning all the dust and dirt stuck in the fibers of your carpet is the key to giving any carpet an efficient deep clean. A regular vacuum machine can do wonders when used properly. With us, your rugs will be vacuumed with a professional upright vacuum cleaner.

Step 4: Pre-Treating and Removing Stains
The next step is to remove any visible stain with the most suitable cleaning solution and method. Tough stains are never challenging for our professionals and will be get ridden of at any cost. Every stain on the rug will be treated individually based on its origin.

Step 5: Steam Clean
We also use commercial grade hot water extraction to rinse and extract the chemicals and all dissolved dirt from your carpet leaving it chemical and dirt free. Our deep cleaning method will not only remove visible dirt but allergens, bacteria, and odors. In the end, you will have a beautifully clean and fast-drying rug.

Our experts for rug cleaning Fulham can provide both domestic and commercial rug/carpet cleaning of any kind of fabric you may have. So, let the best rug cleaner in Fulham assist your needs today!

Grab our best cleaning service deal and let loose of your rug problems.