Curtain & Mattress Cleaning Chelsea

Mattresses and curtains tend to retain dust mites which can further breed and cause various allergies and other health hazards. And hence cleaning these at least once in a year with professional help is extremely important. And we at Fully Carpet Clean are a professional curtain and mattress cleaning service in Chelsea providing high quality curtain and mattress cleaning to ensure you a hygienic and dirt free stay at your home.

We provide cleaning services for any type of curtain fabric ranging from velvet to cotton. By looking into the type of fabric we can determine which cleaning method is best suited for your curtains. Also, depending upon the type of stains on the fiber we provide specialized attention and inspect pole fittings so that there will be no damage done to your curtains. Then we vacuum clean the curtains that help us to expose the fabric and remove any sort of dirt present on its surface. After which we apply cleaning solution and spot remover using a soft brush. Now we make use of our Hot Water Extraction System method also known as Steam Cleaning that breaks through the fabric to break down the dirt within. Then the dirt and water is extracted making the curtain clean and almost dry. Our highly trained professionals by using the latest and advanced technology and equipment clean your drapes and blinds in a great way. And the best part of working with us is that you need not have to remove your curtains to get them cleaned! We will clean the curtain keeping the curtain pleats intact.

Spills, stains, odors and water damages on the mattresses are a few thingsthat require immediate attention and action to keep them in a better condition. Also, mattress fabrics get soiled with time by absorbing various items from the surrounding environment that build up steadily making mattresses dirty and unhygienic.And to get a proper cleaning of mattresses professional curtain and mattress cleaning service must be hired. And we at Fully Carpet Clean we offer curtain and mattress cleaning in SW3. Our mattress cleaning services involve fabric cleaning that includes cleaning mattress fabric of any type, bed frames and headboards. We can also apply stain protection* on the mattresses that help in protecting them from accidental spillage and marks. We do not make use of shampoos or detergents as they might retain dirt. With our professional methods you will get the best results and your mattress will last longer. Steam cleaning that we provide makes your mattress free from dirt or any moisture that could destroy it! This in turn gives you a warm, clean and cozy mattress to sleep on. Also many mattresses have traces of oil and body sweat that produces an annoying smell; hence, we deodorize and disinfect your mattresses providing you with an aromatic ambience every time you go to the bed. We ensure that the cleaning of the mattresses is done at your comfort.

Our mattress and curtain care Chelsea services are of top quality, perfect and affordable.So hire us today and get a clean and aromatic ambience within your home. Call us at 02070 960636 or mail us at

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