Stain Removal & Protection Chelsea

Stain Removal & Protection Service in Chelsea

Spots & stains don’t look very pleasing to the eye, particularly on your favorite carpet or cherished pieces of upholstered items. We specialize in removing all types of stains and spots and help you in restoring your beautiful fabrics to their original beauty. Equipped with some of the finest stain removal tools and products in the industry, at Fully Carpet Clean, we don’t just specialize in stain removal services, but we also protect your carpets & upholstered items from further stains employing our variety of stain protection products. No matter what type of carpet or rugs you have in your home or business, we can help you restore the original glory of your fabrics with our exceptional stain removal & protection service in Chelsea.

Professional Stain Protection Services For All Types Of Carpets & Rugs

We offer professional stain protection services for all types of carpets and rugs. No doubt we specialize in stain removal, but we always recommend our client to give their carpets and upholsteries the protection they deserve. We offer a protective application known as “Scotchguard” which is an excellent stain repellent that also slows down the rate of re-soiling on your carpets. Though it’s not a guaranteed cure for all type stains & spillage, but it’ll definitely resist the surface of the fabric & won’t let spilled liquids to damage the structure and of course it will be easier to remove stains and spills. The best thing is it won’t affect the color, feel or texture of even the finest of fabrics.

It does not matter whether your pet has urinated on your carpet or you have accidentally spilled wine or ink on your upholstery, our stain removal & protection service in SW3 can save you from unnecessary headaches. Not every type of stain needs the same kind of cleanser to soften & lift embedded debris, so always recommend the best stain removal solution only after thoroughly analyzing the fabric type and stain condition. You can simply rely on – no matter your fabric type or severity of the stain.

  • Minimum call out charge £50
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