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How Do You Clean Rugs at Home?

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Most homeowners use rugs as floor coverings to protect them from dirt and damage. Therefore, they deserve extreme care and completely different techniques to maintain them in top condition. Generally, dirt and dust particles get absorbed in your rugs, so you should clean them regularly. You should follow some effective techniques for rug cleaning in Hammersmith W6 and will get outstanding results.

The most popular and widely used rug cleaning method is vacuum cleaning. Nowadays, every homeowner uses a vacuum cleaner regularly. You have to vacuum clean your rugs to keep them clean and tidy without absorbing dirt and dust deep in the carpets.

Rug Cleaning

You can follow this process at least once a week and more often in the dense traffic areas like hall, the kitchen and living room. This cleaning method is eco-friendly as it doesn’t use any cleaning agents and harmful chemicals.

Another way you have to consider is by washing the rug using water. This process helps in eliminating dust and dirt particles and is also an effective alternative to get rid of fresh stains. If you want to remove stains, you should use water on them by using a thick cloth.

Apply a solution of water, vinegar, and rug cleanser to remove more stubborn stains. It’s highly recommended that you should clean the stains as soon as possible as it’s easy to remove fresh stains.

Dry cleaning is another method that includes using a specialized cleansing powder. Sprinkle the powder over the rug and wait around one or two hours. It will allow the powder to eliminate stubborn stains and dust present deep in the rug fibers.

Use a vacuum cleaner after one or two hours to clean the rugs. Make sure that all the powder is cleaned thoroughly. No matter whatever method you prefer, you should clean your rugs regularly to improve higher hygiene levels while maintaining their good look.

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