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Best Cleaning Methods to Keep Your Sofa & Upholstery Shining for Longer

January 31, 2023

Maintenance of a crisp, white, or bright sofa or upholstery can be a nightmare. It needs the right tools & techniques that amateurs may not. Even professional sofa or upholstery cleaning will not save you if you fail to take good care of it.

Does it mean you should not get a white or light colour couch? Of course not! We tell you how to keep your white & bright sofa & upholstery clean. Let’s find out some cleaning tricks and how to deal with stains.

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Pre-Cleaning Steps

• The standard pre-cleaning rule applies to the white & bright upholstery. The earlier you react, the better you can handle the stain issue. Blot the clean liquid with paper towels and wipe off food spills as soon as you see them avoiding the harsh stain removal process.

• Always use either a dry cleaning or a water-based cleaning method for white & bright sofa cleaning.

• Avoid using chemicals on the white & bright sofa or upholstery.

• Don’t use too much water for white & bright sofa or upholstery else it may leave water stains behind.

Now, let’s check the sofa cleaning methods.

Steam cleaning method
The steam Cleaning method is a high-temperature steam heat extraction technology. It penetrates the steam particle into upholstery fibre and loses the dirt from its root. It will remove dust and all other unhealthy particles from the surface of the sofa & upholstery. The steam heat extraction method we use removes excess moisture together with dirt and dust. It ensures that there will not be any wet or soggy effects. It is economical as compared to other methods and ensures the best possible cleaning.

Cleans with carbonation
Carbonation carpet cleaning mimics the natural cleaning process. It makes sure the sofa & upholstery is returned in as-new condition. Only 4 to 6 hours are needed to complete the cleaning. Only a small amount of carbonating cleaning solutions is used in the process. It also needs less water! The carbonating bubbles penetrate the fibres. It lifts these to the surface. Ultimately the grime and dirt are easily wiped away. It also leaves a protective barrier on the surface, minimizing the future accumulation of dirt and grime.

Chemical cleaning
In this process, the chemically safe cleaning supplies are on all types of fabrics including leather. It is a special dry shampoo encapsulation technique, which effectively removes filth and embedded particles. It will need a minimum drying time. In fact, you can almost immediately sit down after the completion of the cleaning process.

Foam cleaning
A foam solution is applied manually onto the sofa. They get applied to stains and then left to sit for a short while. Subsequently, the area is vacuumed, leaving the sofa clean and smelling fresh. Customers choose the foam cleaning process since it has a lower risk of moisture damage.

Dry cleaning
This technique uses no water yet is similar to foam cleaning. The fabric is covered with a chemical cleaning powder, which is worked into the stain. The sofa is then cleaned once the powder is vacuumed up. Since no water is used in this cleaning method, hence there is no downtime required for drying.

The industry currently offers a wide variety of techniques, leaving consumers with too many options. The selection is basically depending on the budget and whether the cleaning is an urgent one. We offer a Hot Water Extraction System/Steam Cleaning method that provides the best result. Contact us today!

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Why You Need to Book Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service from Fully Carpet Clean?

May 20, 2022

With everyone’s life becoming so hectic, it’s quite obvious that we don’t have time for jobs like sofa or carpet cleaning. As a result, you need to contact an experienced cleaners who can provide outstanding cleaning outcomes. So, what are you waiting for, hire professional upholstery cleaning Hammersmith W6 from Fully Carpet Clean today to make your lavished sofa and upholsteries look brand new?

Fully Carpet Clean is a family run cleaning company with an expansive team of skilled and devoted cleaners ready to offer you high-quality professional cleaning services with attention to detail and professionalism. Most importantly, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will work with you to create exactly the type of cleaning you require with no high-pressure sales tactics, no wasted time, and only expertly accomplished cleaning services.

upholstery cleaning Hammersmith W6

Our workforce is a critical component of our success. We undergo constant training, which enables us to maintain the highest-level of cleaning service. Our team of skilled upholstery cleaning specialists have vast experience in professional cleaning. We assure you brighten your lavished furniture and your home ambience promptly and efficiently. We are a well-established cleaning company in Fulham, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality yet detailed cleaning solutions for commercial or residential clients. Our dedication & effort let us get repeat business.

We always value our client’s busy life and we know that you may not have space in your busy schedule for cleaning. It is why our upholstery cleaning in Hammersmith W6 comes to help you. We offer upholstery cleaning service for your sofa residence, office or commercial site. We offer the same level of care and detail that you deserve. We take pride in our job and strive to make a positive experience for every visit. With the innovative cleaning tools, cleaning solutions and know-how, we make your lavished furniture sparkle clean. We sanitize them from any germs, and bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odours.

We are the leading cleaning company in Hammersmith SW6, and we give priority to all our clients. We always strive to exceed your expectations and satisfy your cleaning requirements. We are committed to sending a reliable, hardworking upholstery cleaning team in Hammersmith SW6, Fulham, that creates positive relations with our clients. Our flexible and moderate cleaning deals let you discover all your cleaning needs in one place. From the guaranteed upholstery cleaning to the comprehensive carpet cleaning, we do it all. We assure you enjoy a tidy & immaculate home. Our exquisite state of art cleaning tools supplies surely boost the life of your lavished carpets & upholsteries. It ensures preventing your family from health issues

We use the most efficient method on the market –hot water extraction– suitable for most upholstery and carpets made out of synthetic textures. This type of upholstery cleaning service will eliminate all of your problems and stains. We are your local upholstery cleaners who can perform the service at a convenience for you seven days a week. We are well-equipped before reaching your address. We make it free of stains, disinfected, and deodorized before we leave your property.

At Fully Carpet Clean, we assure you get the precise cleaning service that you need at a reasonable price. We deliver prompt service without compromising the service quality. Our client relationships are fantastic, and we can help you save money and time. Do you want to receive a query? To find the best solution, submit your request online or phone us at 02070 960636.

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The Upholstery Cleaning Schedule

July 20, 2018

Most upholstery furnishings are left far too long between necessary cleaning periodically. Many people vacuum clean their upholstery on a monthly basis. But how often do you attend to regular cleaning of your upholstery.