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Why Mattress Cleaning Service is Important in Every Home

February 15, 2023

We are all aware of how crucial cleaning is. It eliminates allergens and pollutants, as well as stress levels and weariness. It will make our overall quality of life much better. Well, the same situation you will face when it comes to mattress cleaning.

You might be unaware of the various stains on your mattress. Many homeowners don’t even know this. But humans shed skin and sweat during their sleep. With time it becomes a perfect breeding ground for fungi, bacteria, and dust mites. Lack of cleaning makes the mattress one of the filthiest items inside your home.

It might cause allergic reactions and itching, which would keep you up at night. which can disrupt your sleep. Having a mattress cleaning service in Hammersmith W6 is an ideal solution to having better sleep. The quality of the air in your house will improve. Apart from that our mattress cleaning Fulham will prolong the lifespan of your mattress.

mattress cleaning Fulham

The benefits of Professional mattress cleaning

It can be rather laborious to clean a mattress, especially if you’re doing it by yourself. DIY cleaning cannot eliminate bacteria, dust mites, and odours efficiently. It’s ideal to acquire our mattress cleaning in Fulham. We have an experienced cleaning team, tools & supplies to deep clean your mattress. Here’s how we do it.

• Vacuuming. Before starting the cleaning, we vacuum. We do it to remove dead skin cells, debris, and dirt from the mattress. We cover the entire surface of your mattress.

• Deodorising. The mattress looks dirty & smells bad due to the accumulation of sweat, dust mites, and dead skin cells. Our mattress cleaning team in Hammersmith W6 will deodorise your mattress and leave it smelling fresh and clean.

• Stain removal. Perspiration and dirt are two human fluids that can discolour mattresses. The mattress cleaning procedure includes stain removal to get rid of unattractive stains on your mattress.

• Steam cleaning. A chemical-free Steam Cleaning method is used to deep clean your mattress. This method fully cleans your mattress of mould, bacteria, and grime. After that, your mattress will smell fresh and look clean.

Why you should hire A mattress cleaning in Fulham

There are a couple of reasons why you should hire our mattress cleaning in Fulham. We offer a lot of benefits such as:

Increased air quality.

A dirty mattress is one of the biggest contributors to contaminated air in space. You’ll start to smell something foul in the room, and you’ll breathe whatever is on your dirty mattress. Your mattress can contaminate the air surrounding it when you consider how much perspiration, dust, oil, and dead skin there is on it. The rapid increase in indoor air quality is the primary benefit of getting your mattress cleaned.

Decreases the possibility of allergies and irritation.

It’s challenging to get to sleep at night when your nose is continually running or you’re constantly scratching. Allergies can be brought on by dust mites and fungi. It can disrupt your sleeping and make it uncomfortable for you when using your mattress. Our mattress cleaning in Fulham is backed by a specialised steam cleaning solution. It reduces the risk of allergies, and itching, and prevents certain illnesses by getting rid of harmful bacteria

Prolonged mattress lifespan.

If you want your mattress to last for many years, you must clean it regularly. Regular cleaning reduces the wear and tear between the linings. Otherwise, it will require thorough cleaning in the future or get damaged. We offer professional mattress cleaning in Fulham that prevents this. We assure our cleaning service will prolong the mattress’s lifespan.


A clean mattress goes a long way in improving the quality of your sleep. It will need professional cleaning to remain fresh & shiny. The optimum time to have your mattress professionally cleaned is twice in eighteen months. It will prevent severe odours, bacterial growth, and heavy stains from the carpet. Call us today if you need a professional mattress cleaning in Fulham or Hammersmith W6. We are happy to hear from you!

Mattress Cleaning Services Fulham

How to Maintain the Mattress Clean Always

December 14, 2022

We at Fully Carpet Clean are a reputed and reliable mattress cleaning organization in Hammersmith W6 and SW6. You can call us to have perfect mattress cleaning in Hammersmith W6; however, we cannot be at your place every day to maintain your mattress. It is you who should follow the below steps after we leave your residence cleaning your mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Hammersmith W6

It is not that you immediately need to vacuum after we have left. After a few days from our visit, you need to start the process and do that at regular intervals. As you remove the sheet over the mattress you will notice that there are dead skin cells, dust, and other dirt. You need to vacuum so to remove all those so that your mattress stays as clean as we have left after offering mattress cleaning in SW6.

Your mattress will have a stinky smell due to the sweat, dust and dirt that settles. You need to deodorize your mattress at frequent intervals. The most ideal way to do such is to spray baking soda over the mattress and wait for some time before vacuuming it. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the baking soda before you sprinkle that over the mattress. By doing such you can remove the stinky smell from your mattress.

Clean the stains
We spend a considerable time on the mattress and in doing such we leave behind stains like sweat and other fluids. It is necessary to get rid of these stains as fast as possible. If you do not do such the stains may become deep-rooted and difficult to clean. If you have a liquid stain, you need to press a wet cloth on the spot and dry the excess moisture with a dry cloth. After doing such you can utilize a cleaning solution made of salt, baking soda and water and rub that gently on the stained spot. You need to leave it for some time and then clean it with cold water. Make certain that the mattress is free from moisture before using it.

Reposition the mattress frequently
If you reposition the mattress at regular intervals, you will not be using the same spot of the mattress daily. So, it will help to prevent stains on particular spots which ultimately become difficult to clean even for us. So, it is wise to reposition the mattress. It will not take much of your time and energy to do such.

Avoid moistures
Mattresses are generally made of foam and it will absorb moisture easily. Such absorption of moisture is not good for the longevity of the mattress. You need to avoid moisture falling on the mattress and even use as little water to clean the same.

Fan drying
If by accident or while cleaning the mattress you spill liquid turn the fan on to remove the moisture. It is wise not to sleep on a mattress that is still wet.

Follow these steps in the interval time between our cleaning and have a spotless mattress.

mattress cleaning Hammersmith W6

When Did You Last Clean Your Mattress & Why did you Clean it

August 29, 2022

Did you realise that you sleep on your mattress for about one third time of your life? You probably don’t recall the last time you gave it a thorough cleaning. In fact, the mattress that’s seldom seen the bristles of your vacuum cleaner more times. It is time to change all that. Cleaning your mattress is even more crucial than cleaning the carpets and upholstery in your home!

Although you might think that a mattress doesn’t need to be cleaned unless there has been a spill or accident, the reality is that due to how frequently you use it, it has to be cleaned more regularly. A clean mattress will not only encourage restful sleep but will also shield you from unpleasant pest infestations. Our professional mattress cleaning in Hammersmith W6 helps keep your mattress look & shine fresh and last for longer.

Mattress Cleaning Services Fulham

Why did you Clean your Mattress?
We are sure you would be frightened if you discovered what was hiding in your mattress. It is not visible to normal eyes. But, without proper care, it will not go anywhere soon. The mattress requires cleaning because of dust mites, body oils, sweat, dead skin and another residue from pets and children. The typical mattress may include bacteria, mould spores, dead skin flakes, dust mite excrement, and more! It can be harmful to your & your family’s health. In fact, scientific studies have revealed that unclean mattress is responsible for many allergic reactions and can also cause lifelong allergies.

Dust mites get food in the form of dry skin flakes. They consume so much food that they excrete twice as much at least once a day as they weigh. How does one then come into contact with dust mites? The mattress behaves nearly like dust when you move around on it. You breathe in these particles while you sleep because they travel through the bedding and get up on your face and skin. Thousands of dust mites still spend each night in your bed, even if you don’t have allergies. When you turn in bed, the mattress stirs up tiny dust particles you can breathe in at night. These dust particles can contribute to poor indoor air quality, resulting in health problems like weariness, watery eyes, congestion in the upper respiratory system, throat and eye discomfort, and sneezing.

Specialist mattress cleaning
Fresh, clean bedding can make you believe your mattress is just as clean as the sheets and comforter! At Fully Carpet Cleaning, we use unique mattress cleaning materials and sanitising methods that not only remove general dirt, stains, and odours but remove unwanted elements. We never use harsh chemicals as they are very much toxic. Instead, we recommend that your mattress be cleaned twice a year to keep it fresh and clean. You may be able to sleep better and with more peace of mind if you have a clean, hygienic mattress to lie on.

Cleaning a mattress is a big job and best left to our mattress cleaning in Hammersmith W6. Contact us today and see how we can help with all your household cleaning needs.