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When it is Time to have Professional Carpet Cleaning in Fulham

December 30, 2022

It is possible to decide when it is the ideal time to call us at Fully Carpet Clean to have professional carpet cleaning in Fulham. If you have stains from coffee, wine, or food or there is an accumulation of dust you can ideally decide to call us. However, there are a few hidden and strong indications that your carpet is screaming to have a professional cleaning service. We will discuss three such signs which you should not neglect and call us immediately.

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Strange odours
If you always find a strange smell when you pass by your carpet, you need to think of having professional carpet cleaning. Even if you are in Hammersmith, you can call us as we make it possible to have professional carpet cleaning in Hammersmith. The strange odour that you have from the carpet is an indication that there was some spillage which has not left a strain but made the carpet wet. If you neglect the sign, it may lead to damage to the carpet fibres and you then will not have any other option but to replace the carpet.

When something falls on the carpet and does not dry properly will lead to the development of mould. From experience we can say that carpet dirt will not smell bad; however, if there is mould development, you will notice a rancid odour. Such a presence of mould is not only harmful to the carpet but also your health.

Extreme allergic condition
If you suddenly notice that while walking around in your house or office, your throat begins to itch or your eyes start to water, you need to understand that it is a sign signalling something is not in proper condition. If you notice that your family members or office staff are coughing or sneezing when they come near a carpet, it is a more obvious sign that the problem lies with the carpet.

If you notice such health issues, you can interfere that there are allergens trapped in the carpet. There can be mites, dirt, bacteria, pollen or dander and they can be the cause of such allergies. If one suffers from such allergies, it will not be possible to concentrate on any work, be it in the office or your house. It is wise to call us as we have the expertise to clean such allergens from your carpet. After having our carpet cleaning service, you will have a healthy atmosphere inside your office or house.

Dull high-traffic zone
Office carpets have the maximum footfall. If you are the owner of a successful business, your office carpet will always have someone walking over it. It may be that such footfall may not cause foot imprints but it will accumulate enough dust and dirt inside the carpet making the carpet look dull. It is not possible for you to reduce the footfall; however, having our services you can make the carpet regain its original brilliance.

So, next time when you notice such signs do not delay but can us and expect to have the best of carpet cleaning in Fulham.

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Exposing the Carpet Cleaning Myths

November 24, 2022

We frequently run into customers in the carpet cleaning industry who have yet to receive correct advice throughout the years. Most of them are influenced by a ton of carpet cleaning myths! By addressing them, you may break the loop of false information that leaves carpets vulnerable to inadequate maintenance and improper cleaning. The top six myths are presented and deflated below. It help you better understand carpet maintenance techniques.

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Myth #1: Carpets get tainted quickly after carpet cleaning.
This myth persists so much! In some instances, it may also be the case. To clean carpets, some people use steam cleaning. The steam carpet cleaners use soapy detergents. such detergents can leave behind a sticky residue in few instances. It may attract dirt in future. At Fully Carpet Clean, we don’t use soapy detergents. Instead, we clean carpets using our hot carbonating extraction method. It won’t produce any residue that could attract dirt after cleaning.

Myth #2: Mold or mildew will grow after cleaning with a liquid cleaner.
Again, this one may be accurate in some circumstances. Steam cleaners often leave carpets wet! Any water residue makes the carpet a breeding ground for mould and mildew. Carpets are frequently wetted by homeowners to clean up spills or stains. They might need to be made aware that drying these regions will take a long time. This is because we take a diverse approach with our advanced hot carbonating extraction process. It needs around 80% less water than conventional steam cleaning procedures. In addition, we have the best drying machines that remove the last water content. So there will hardly be any chance of mould and mildew after cleaning.

Myth #3: A stain remover is secure if it claims to work on a carpet.
It can be terrible to believe the information on the bottle’s back before testing it on the carpet. Many store-bought stain removers can affect the colour of your carpets. In addition, it could leave behind traces that exacerbate the stain’s appearance. Do you want to deal with a formidable spot on your carpet? It is best to call our carpet cleaning services in SW6 instead of gambling with a store-bought stain remover.

Myth #4: A vacuum is all that is required to clean carpets.
The carpet must always be vacuumed to stay clean. However, vacuuming targets the top layer of the carpet. So what to do with the dirt, dust, and grime delved deep into the carpet fibre? It can only be removed with professional carpet cleaning assistance. Our carpet cleaning in Hammersmith W6 provides deep carpet cleaning to get rid of this deep-set dirt and grime. We can remove the musty smells in your carpet and make it feel plush and clean. Of course, we take care of the delicate fibres as well.

Myth #5: Any qualified carpet cleaner may complete the task.
The results of a professional carpet cleaning in Hammersmith W6 may surprise you. But not every company is created equal. Several companies are using various cleaning techniques, such as steam cleaning and dry-compound cleaning. But it’s crucial to consider how these cleaning techniques operate. Furthermore, they must become familiar with the tools and formulas utilized in the procedure! Otherwise, it will damage your lavished carpets. It is why you ought to pick a cleaning service that safeguards the quality of your carpet. We are one of the leading carpet cleaning services in SW6, and we always stay ahead of the competition to keep your carpets clean and healthy.

Myth #6: It’s acceptable to clean your carpet until it is soiled.
The purpose of the carpet is to hide filth. Your carpet is something you see every day! You won’t notice it gradually getting dirtier over time as it darkens. If you wait until your carpet is soiled, all the crud inside can already harm the carpet’s durability. It is strongly advised to plan routine carpet cleaning. Most manufacturers of carpet cleaners recommend cleaning the carpets once or twice a year.

Start using our expert carpet cleaning services in SW6 to ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned! Call us right away to learn more about our ground-breaking carpet cleaning solutions.


Is it Worth Having Carpet Cleaning in Fulham from Fully Carpet Clean

November 2, 2022

If you desire your carpet would look clean and new, it is always wise to call us at Fully Carpet Clean, as we have the expertise to offer the best carpet cleaning in Fulham. However, the carpet cleaning process may seem quick and straightforward, so we all try to undertake the job ourselves and forget to consider whether it is worth calling professionals like us to clean your carpets. So, let us see why it is worth calling us rather than trying DIY methods.

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The importance of cleaning your carpet
If you allow dirt and grime to settle on your carpet, it is for sure you will have a toxic environment for your family members. The bacteria and other microorganisms like dust mites, mold, and mildew will bring respiratory diseases, migraines, and even rashes. You can also expect susceptible pests to invade your house. If you clean your carpet, you can prevent these conditions from happening at home.

There are a few reasons to have professional carpet cleaning service in SW6 from us. If you have pets and kids, cleaning your carpets will be frequently required. However, it would not be possible for you to find time to clean carpets and, at the same time, manage your kids and pets. If you somehow find time to clean, you will not have the proper tools and cleaning agents to clean. So, it will lead to improper cleaning or damage to your carpets.

Why is it worth paying us?
There are various ways to clean your carpets. However, will paying us to help you to save money? If it is such that you do not have experience in cleaning carpets, then it would be wise to hire us. However, if you think you have enough experience, you can hire machines and clean your carpet. Trying DIY methods will lead to spending your weekend cleaning the carpet and spending considerable money to rent machines. So, would it not be wiser to hire us and have the best carpet cleaning in Hammersmith while you spend your weekend as you desire and not spend unnecessary money renting machines?

It may be that you have carpets in a high-traffic area. In such situations, a DIY cleaning will not be sufficient; you will require our professional cleaning services. If you desire to have professional results, then it is ideal to call us.

How often to clean your carpets
If you ask three different carpet cleaners in Fulham, you will receive six different answers. However, experts feel that you must professionally clean your carpets at 12 to 18 months. If you have kids, pets or high traffic, it would be wise not to delay calling us within a year. Moreover, if you have spills generally after a party, you should not wait to contact us.

With carpet cleaning in Fulham from us, you can expect improved safety, quality control and experience. So, do remember us at Fully Carpet Clean when you need to clean your carpets.