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How to Maintain the Mattress Clean Always

December 14, 2022

We at Fully Carpet Clean are a reputed and reliable mattress cleaning organization in Hammersmith W6 and SW6. You can call us to have perfect mattress cleaning in Hammersmith W6; however, we cannot be at your place every day to maintain your mattress. It is you who should follow the below steps after we leave your residence cleaning your mattress.

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It is not that you immediately need to vacuum after we have left. After a few days from our visit, you need to start the process and do that at regular intervals. As you remove the sheet over the mattress you will notice that there are dead skin cells, dust, and other dirt. You need to vacuum so to remove all those so that your mattress stays as clean as we have left after offering mattress cleaning in SW6.

Your mattress will have a stinky smell due to the sweat, dust and dirt that settles. You need to deodorize your mattress at frequent intervals. The most ideal way to do such is to spray baking soda over the mattress and wait for some time before vacuuming it. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the baking soda before you sprinkle that over the mattress. By doing such you can remove the stinky smell from your mattress.

Clean the stains
We spend a considerable time on the mattress and in doing such we leave behind stains like sweat and other fluids. It is necessary to get rid of these stains as fast as possible. If you do not do such the stains may become deep-rooted and difficult to clean. If you have a liquid stain, you need to press a wet cloth on the spot and dry the excess moisture with a dry cloth. After doing such you can utilize a cleaning solution made of salt, baking soda and water and rub that gently on the stained spot. You need to leave it for some time and then clean it with cold water. Make certain that the mattress is free from moisture before using it.

Reposition the mattress frequently
If you reposition the mattress at regular intervals, you will not be using the same spot of the mattress daily. So, it will help to prevent stains on particular spots which ultimately become difficult to clean even for us. So, it is wise to reposition the mattress. It will not take much of your time and energy to do such.

Avoid moistures
Mattresses are generally made of foam and it will absorb moisture easily. Such absorption of moisture is not good for the longevity of the mattress. You need to avoid moisture falling on the mattress and even use as little water to clean the same.

Fan drying
If by accident or while cleaning the mattress you spill liquid turn the fan on to remove the moisture. It is wise not to sleep on a mattress that is still wet.

Follow these steps in the interval time between our cleaning and have a spotless mattress.

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Why is it Beneficial to Seek The Assistance of a Reliable Mattress Cleaning Service

September 24, 2022

Some people hold the erroneous notion that mattress cleaning is not a necessity. But the fact is that the mattress can collect numerous amounts of dust and dirt and even incur bacteria. It needs to be cleaned regularly so that you can make use of it in a safe and comfortable manner. Mattress cleaning is considered a rather simple procedure. But you may lack the tools needed to do it or don’t have enough time. You might also be unsure about how to start the whole process correctly. In such cases, hiring a professional specializing in mattress cleaning is recommended. Seeking the assistance of our reliable mattress cleaning in Hammersmith W6 ensures the following benefits:

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Removal of Dust
Dust is considered one of those things which need to be removed immediately from your mattress before they pile up. Otherwise, you could end up experiencing adverse health effects like asthma, eye irritation, coughing, sneezing, and even fever. Vacuuming dust can be difficult if they happen to be rather heavy. To remove it, seek the help of our professional mattress cleaning in Hammersmith W6. We have the proper tools to ensure that no speck of dust is left on your mattress.

People simply do not have the time to clean their mattresses even if they have the right cleaning tools. Mattress cleaning can be time-consuming and could interfere with other essential tasks that need to be completed. The convenient way to achieve it is by hiring our professional mattress cleaning service in SW6. They can efficiently remove all forms of dust and dirt on your mattress within a short period.

Removal of Stains
Removing the stain while cleaning your mattress can sometimes be challenging to do. It happens as some of them come from dense substances that embed deeply in mattress fabric. It may include paint, milk, honey, ink, sauce, etc. Fortunately, our professional mattress cleaning in Hammersmith W6 has the necessary technique & tools to remove these stubborn stains. Once you avail of our services, you will no longer need to worry about any unsightly marks on your mattress.

Long lasting
The life of mattresses can be prolonged once it is rid of dirt, dust, and bacteria. It needs specialised tools to clean & handle very carefully. Lack of regular cleaning could sustain significant wear and tear. It is wise to call our professional mattress cleaning in Hammersmith W6 to clean your mattress for you instead. They have more experience in removing all contaminants from your mattress without causing unnecessary damage.

Prevent Allergy
Dust on your mattresses could cause adverse health effects. In fact, many forms of dirt can also result in severe allergic conditions, particularly on the skin. Examples include rhinitis, eczema, rashes, hives, and others. Normally, these occur due to contact made with several contaminants like animal feces, mud, soil, and even certain food particles. To avoid experiencing severe skin allergies, hire our team today! We have expert cleaning team who perform deep mattress cleaning. We can remove any signs of dirt & allergy from the mattress with ease. So that you can prevent experiencing even more drastic skin conditions.

You can choose to clean your mattress yourself, provided you have the necessary tools, time & knowledge to execute it properly. Otherwise, it might be best for you to take our Assistance. We provide exceptional mattress cleaning in Hammersmith W6 & guarantee that your mattress will be freed of dust and grime! For a free quote, please call us at 02070 960636 today!

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The Reason Why Mattress Cleaning is Important

July 16, 2019

As a homeowner, you must wish to make your house spotless and shine. Perhaps you have to clean all the items in your home. Don’t forget to include mattress cleaning into your regular cleaning activities. It is better to rely on our mattress cleaning services in SW6, Fulham for removing the impurities in your house regularly.

The mattress is an essential item that you usually have in your living room. Hence mattress cleaning is an essential activity necessary for all homeowners. You can also get huge benefits from this cleaning activity. Explained here are several reasons why you may want to clean your mattress regularly.

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1. Eliminate the mites and bugs
Plenty of dust mites and bed bugs may grow on your mattress. These tiny insects can cause significant health problems to you or your family members. Hence, it is essential to eliminate these insects immediately. There are several great ways to remove these insects. Our mattress cleaning services in Fulham recommend regular mattress cleaning services. It seems like the best method for eliminating these mites or bugs and improves your families’ health significantly.

2. Remove dust
If you live in SW6, Fulham, you should know that dust may accumulate in your house very quickly. Dirt may build up on some items inside your home, including your mattress. Our regular mattress cleaning in mattress cleaning services Fulham ensure you remove dust from your mattresses and also from the root. We have the latest dust removal tools for removing dust from your mattress quickly. We not only eliminate impurities but remove the dirt, pollen, pet dander, and some other unwanted things from your mattress for better peace of mind.

3. Reduce allergic reactions in your families
Usually, people expend most of their time perhaps around 8 hours on top of mattress every day. Some families may have allergic reactions to dust or pollen. Our mattress cleaning in SW6, Fulham clean your house regularly and reduce the allergic reactions among your families. You may want to clean your home regularly. Hence, it should keep clean, so you can avoid any allergic reactions that may happen to your body.

4. Improve the overall look of your house
Regular cleaning your mattress can improve the overall look of your bedroom as well. We ensure you have a clean bed, and you can make your bedroom look beautiful, neat, and hygienic. Many people hire reputed mattress cleaning company in Fulham to achieve the purpose. We help you want to clean their mattress that improves the overall look of their house and bedroom.

5. Avoid skin problems
Mattress cleaning services is essential for homeowners that have sensitive skin or any of the family members that have sensitive skin. The delicate skin can be irritated by some unwanted materials, such as dust, mites, insects, and some other impurities. We are the reputed cleaning company in Fulham that provide a better solution to remove these impurities from your mattress altogether.

6. Make you feel comfortable
It is significant to clean all items, including mattresses inside your house to improve the comfort inside your own home. People may feel comfortable when they stay in a clean and neat bedroom. Our mattress cleaning services in SW6, Fulham will help you feel comfortable staying in your home. Your families will also feel comfortable, and you can even invite some other friends or relatives to visit your house confidently.

Cleaning the mattress in proper interval bring a lot of benefits for you and your families. We assist you clean and vacuum your mattress that keep your house clean and tidy.