What is Lurking in Your Rugs & Carpets? How To Remove Them!

October 13, 2022

Rugs & carpets bring warmth and comfort to a home. It also acts as an insulation and soundproofing element in your space. However, unseen intruders accumulate in their piles when there are rugs and carpets. By capturing allergens, dust, pollen, and pet hair that circulate in the air, rugs and carpets act as filters and enhance air quality. However, activities, such as walking across the carpets or rugs, can be sufficient to disperse some of these particles. For most of us, this is not a problem, but carpet can worsen their symptoms for people who are sensitive to these allergens.

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Knowing what lurks in your carpet can be pretty disturbing, especially if you have young children who frequently play and crawl around on the floor. Even though some allergies are relatively mild, some can cause more severe problems like Asthma. Therefore it’s crucial to know what’s in your carpet and how to handle cleaning to avoid allergies properly.

What are Allergens?
Allergens are antigens, substances that enter the body from an external source. These antigens trigger an immunological reaction, which results in the production of antibodies to combat the antigens. These antibodies are released to guard you against getting sick or infected. Wheezing and sneezing are caused by your immune system’s production of an inflammatory reaction in areas like your lungs or nasal passages!

Dust Mites
Dust mites are tiny creatures that the human eye cannot see. They flourish in warm, humid environments like your rugs, carpets, and soft furnishings and love to gorge on wasted human skin cells. People are allergic to the waste that dust mites leave behind, not the dust mites themselves.

Pet Dander
Pets are a source of great joy, but they create a great mess! Their dander, urine, saliva, and other fluids contain proteins that might trigger allergic reactions in certain types of cells. Through their hair, pets bring in allergens like pollen, dust, fleas, and dust mites that eventually become trapped in rugs and carpets.

Additionally, mildew and mould can trigger allergies. Mould typically has a scent before it is visible. It smells musty and frequently lingers in rooms with inadequate airflow. After a water leak or accident, it’s crucial to deal with liquid spills immediately and dry them out entirely because mould spores love damp areas like carpets and carpets.

Carpet cleaning for dust mites and allergies
vacuuming is a crucial first step when it comes to get rid of dust mites and allergens. It is recommended to vacuum at least once or twice every week. Calling our rug cleaning service in Hammersmith W6 would be a fantastic choice if you are highly sensitivity to dust. We have a HEPA filtration system that will be helpful in removing allergens. Rugs & carpets should be professionally steam cleaned every 3-6 months. Such cleaning will be useful to eliminate dust mites and other allergens. Our steam cleaning blasts those tiny vermin out of your carpet pile. The heat, chemical reaction, agitation, and extraction process is effective to suck the allergens, dust mites, pet dander, mould or anything lurking in the carpet at your house. We provide the added benefit of using safe products for you, your family, and your pets. It is not so safe and gentle for dust mites, mould, and other allergies.

If the allergies in your house are severe, the best course of action is to call our rug cleaning service in SW6, Fulham, right away!

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Professional Rug Cleaning Fulham | Fully Carpet Clean

December 25, 2021

Fulham is a desirable and beautifully vibrant place blessed with wonderful properties boasting gorgeous interiors. Fully Carpet Clean has been providing expert rug cleaning Fulham for many years and we provide all the expertise needed to keep your expensive carpet, designer rugs looking as good as the day you first purchased them.

Our dedicated team is polite and professional, producing first-class results with the minimum fuss or disruption to your everyday life. Our sophisticated carpet cleaning technology will make light work of impossible stains and revitalize colors and fabrics.

Rug Cleaning Fulham

Our deep clean technology is the ultimate professional rug stain removal
Our experts use advanced deep clean technology to remove the stubborn stains by penetrating deep into the carpet fibres, hence, transforming your rug to look immaculate.

It will pull up every dust and dirt delivering an amazing result, which means your expensive rug will be rejuvenated and brought back to its absolute best. Everything is done at your convenience, with minimum disruption to your everyday schedule.

For the best rug cleaning SW6, look no further than Fully Carpet Clean. We are renowned for our cleaner and healthier rug cleaning process and for delivering amazing results. Keep your rug looking cleaner for longer with the best rug cleaning company in Hammersmith W6. Our professional, highly trained team will ensure that you get the best service at the lowest cost.

We aim to provide the best rug cleaning service Fulham of the highest quality. We will

  • Keep your rug looking cleaner for longer
  • Be pet and baby safe with our natural pH formula
  • Kill all the dirt hidden deep down in your rug
  • Clean your carpet deeply and thoroughly than you can
  • Ensure you are 100% happy

How Rug Cleaning Hammersmith W6 Works?
To guarantee the best result for our customers and elevate the overall look of the indoor space, our rug cleaning experts perform a ‘5 step’ cleaning process.

Step 1: Carpet Inspection
When our certified and professionally trained technicians arrive at your place, they will first inspect your carpets to choose the best cleaning method and solutions for you.

Step 2: Choosing the Best Cleaning Solution
A stained and dirty carpet needs not only to be cleaned with a suitable tool but also with the appropriate solution and method. There are many carpet, upholstery cleaning products on the market that would swear by their sanitation capabilities, but choosing the right cleaning method is strictly based on the carpet material and the environment it will be treated in. All our cleaning products are eco-friendly, pet, and child safe.

Step 3: Vacuum
Cleaning all the dust and dirt stuck in the fibers of your carpet is the key to giving any carpet an efficient deep clean. A regular vacuum machine can do wonders when used properly. With us, your rugs will be vacuumed with a professional upright vacuum cleaner.

Step 4: Pre-Treating and Removing Stains
The next step is to remove any visible stain with the most suitable cleaning solution and method. Tough stains are never challenging for our professionals and will be get ridden of at any cost. Every stain on the rug will be treated individually based on its origin.

Step 5: Steam Clean
We also use commercial grade hot water extraction to rinse and extract the chemicals and all dissolved dirt from your carpet leaving it chemical and dirt free. Our deep cleaning method will not only remove visible dirt but allergens, bacteria, and odors. In the end, you will have a beautifully clean and fast-drying rug.

Our experts for rug cleaning Fulham can provide both domestic and commercial rug/carpet cleaning of any kind of fabric you may have. So, let the best rug cleaner in Fulham assist your needs today!

Grab our best cleaning service deal and let loose of your rug problems.

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Why Should You Like To Use A Professional Rug Cleaning Services

December 6, 2021

Rugs are the essential parts of any modern home. It allows you to make your interior look stunning and make the visitors’ first (positive) impression. However, the rug has to bear a load of stains, dirt, and allergens, making them unhealthy for the individuals living there. Do you want to maintain the best shape of rug inside your home or your commercial space? Hiring our professional rug cleaning in Hammersmith SW6 could be one of your top priorities. We not only ensure you that your rug will be looking spotless, but your space is free of harmful dirt and germs. We bring a few reasons why our rug cleaning in SW6 Fulham is the right choice for you.

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Air Quality
The home ambience makes a lot more difference when maintaining the health conditions of living humans. It is not possible to deal with the pollutants with a traditional rug cleaning method. You must need some advanced rug cleaning approach. We are the professional rug cleaning company in SW6 Fulham, ready to help you eliminate pollutants and contaminants that may be trapped deep down in the rugs. We use the most advanced steam cleaning technology, methods and cleaning supplies to eliminate every possible pollutant in the rug.

It is another reason why you need to call our expert rug cleaning in SW6. We are experts in our job and assure you that our effort will surely clear out the infestations due to dust mites. You may not be aware that dust mites are crawling on your rug, and you will enjoy spending time on the rug. However, it may result in various health disorders. Therefore, we use steam cleaning to eliminate the dust mites as they can’t survive the high temperatures used in this rug cleaning process.

Moulds may be the common problem with your rugs if you are somewhat uncaring about the dusting or cleaning or have pets in your home. Lack of cleaning makes such mould particles solid after a specific time. Getting your rug cleaned with our professional cleaning assistance ensures no mould is left, and it will prevent its further growth. Hence, we save your valuable rug and family’s health from such infective elements. These professionals use only high-powered drying tools to eliminate the moisture, mould, and mildew needed to grow.

Green and Healthy Cleaning
The rug cleaning supplies we use at our projects are green cleaning products and are safer than the regular cleaning supplies available in the market. We know the essence of a healthy environment and hence use only organic cleaning materials to ensure your rug is cleaned correctly. In addition, we use only certified cleaning supplies to deal with the bacterias, allergens that are left on the rug. Therefore, the cleaning supplies are much more adequate than your old and traditional cleaning materials.

Lasting Beauty
Do you aim to give your rug a better appearance for a longer duration? Then choosing our professional rug cleaning in SW6 Fulham is the ideal choice. We use only the proven methods and latest tools to eliminate the dust particles and stains from the rugs, and we do it securely. Rest assured that our green cleaning materials and tools never make any impact or harm, or damage to the rugs. It will surely last for a long time.

Select the Right Service Provider
Many people make mistakes while selecting a cleaning company. Your rugs are expensive, and they need excellent care as well. Never let it be cleaned with the armatures for the shack of a few dollars. We have an expert and experienced rug cleaning team in SW6 Fulham, and we are trained to deal with the different kinds of problems with your rugs.

Getting in touch with a leading rug cleaning service enhances the rug’s life and helps you enjoy a healthy and hygienic life. So, if you are not an expert rug cleaner, Call US and let an expert handle the tough job for you!